Individual Coaching by Rachael McCrary

-Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

-Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Eastern Philosophy- Kerala, India

-Yoga Alliance RYT-500, Hatha Yoga Asana and Philosophy- Santa Monica, California

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Career Coaching

Learn how to experience more joy everyday! Whether you are struggling in your career, want to increase romance in your life or just keep repeating some bad habits, I can help you quickly overcome what's not working and move forward. Coaching is an incredible path to greatness. It's in hard times that we have an opportunity to experience the most growth, and come out on the other side feeling the best we ever have, even if it's hard to see at the time. If you are experiencing anxiety, self-esteem problems, just feeling stuck, or even if you feel great and want some guidance to find your life's purpose, coaching is an extraordinary way to find path to joy and fall into the flow. When we're in the flow and rhythm of life, we find our purpose, experience more love, and become efficient and successful in the workplace. Overcoming fears and waking up feeling excited about life is an amazing feeling, and is accessible to everyone. It's my purpose in life to share what I've learned with others. My clients have experienced transformation and a heightened level of awareness. This leads to raising the bar at our expectations on our level of satisfaction in all areas of life.


Dating and Relationship Coaching

Sharing emotional intimacy with someone is one of the coolest things we can experience as a human on this planet. Sometimes we get in our own way out of fear or protecting ourselves. It's time to blow that barrier to bits and have a blast! Understanding how our brains work chemically and the differences between masculine and feminine energy is imperative in creating successful relationships. Relationship coaching can help us understand the behavior of others, take responsibility for ourselves and make sure our actions are in line with our desires. When we learn to communicate effectively and respond with the appropriate energy, our level of intimacy is increased and we're more content and at peace. Remember, some of the most amazing days of our lives haven't happened yet, so it's time to get excited!

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Phone Coaching
Most coaching is done over the phone and is highly effective. Call or email for a consultation.


Through a variety of different classrooms, some more traditional than not, I've learned a great deal from some amazing individuals for which I'm in constant gratitude. These teachers include: Dr. Anne McCrary, Dianne Casey, Martha Beck, Noah Maze, Elena Brower, Swami Mahadevananda, Noah Levine, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Julie Vessel, Christina Sell, Debra Campbell, Terry DeMeo, Brad Warner, Gina Zimmerman, Dr. Pat Allen, Roberta Wilson and Kay Dougherty.



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"I have personally known Rachael for over 20 years. During those 20 years, Rachael has been my confidant and very good friend.  Rachael has a gift of being very insightful.  Along with that insightfulness comes with her giving exceptional advice.  On numerous accounts, I have turned to Rachael for advice involving my romantic and causal relationships. The guidance Rachael gave me was successful and I was always happy with the final results of each situation. I have learned that not everyone has the gift of being a people person, but Rachael definitely exhibits her concern for people welfare through coaching and continuing to be a blessing in the lives of the people she touches including mine."-Mailyn W., MA in counseling



"Rachael McCrary embodies what is needed and more for Life Coaching. While she clearly has honed her skill and training; her versatility and keen intuition allow her to pinpoint what is needed with her client base in a way that promotes instant growth. Rachael has been the catalyst for many areas of my personal growth and I am grateful." -Amanda S., Founder L.A. Reiki


"Since the day I met Rachael she has been a constant source of life advice for me. A reliable, unbiased, level-headed logical person who can see more about my situations in life than I ever could. She really knows how to take the big picture of life and show you how your every day decisions will effect the big picture. Not only has she helped me in looking at some difficult situations in my professional life, but also given guidance in personal areas as well. Rachael has taught me how to think of myself as a brand and act accordingly, best advice anyone has ever given me hands down- what we do and what we say is our brand. I couldn't be more grateful." -Samantha H., Graphic Artist/ Prop Coordinator


"I was feeling lost when I reached out to Rachael. I had no idea what "Life Coaching" was, I just knew that it sounded like exactly what I needed at the moment. She swooped in and got to work immediately, listening and sharing her insights. Together we clarified and set goals and a plan of action. The results have been astounding. I have the courage and confidence to fully embrace my life and go after my dreams, thanks to the best Life Coach ever. Rachael is honest, supportive, gentle and direct. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little direction.  -Jackie G., Writer


"Rachael is a wonderful coach - genuine, warm and insightful.  She has helped coach me through some of the most difficult situations in my life.  I feel deeply connected to her, as she has quickly come to get to know me, my personality and my life.  Rachel is a great blend of great listener and problem solver, she has amazing intuition and quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a direct and clarifying way.  There have been many times where I've felt stressed or negative about situations in my life, and Rachel's insights have given me a insightful way to reframe my situation and move forward.  She's a pro at understanding the up and down dynamics of relationships.  But she's much, much more than this, as she has an inate ability to understand a person's unique life, struggles and goals, helping them work towards the life they want most.  She has become my trusted go-to when I need someone to help me through the tough spots in my life - and she has delivered every time."  -Julie V.